Jazz for Babies and Small Kids: Børnejazz


Jazz for babies and small Kids. The Copenhagen Jazz festival has a special category for musicians for create concerts for babies and mini’s. It is called Børnejazz.  We have gathered a few of the upcoming events here but you can also go to jazz.dk and see the full børnejazz artists. 

Bornejazz for Babies and Kids


Børnejazz: Trine Opsahl/ Baby’n Kidz Concert


Børnejazz: Line Gaardmand Baby Session

Torsdag 9/7 2015, kl. 10:00



Børnejazz: Claire de Lune Kidz Concert

Lørdag 11/7 2015, kl. 10:00


Here’s a link to more programs for kids and youth at Kultur House.

Full Schedule

Tips for night out for parents, read about our night out at Jazz by the Sea at Islands Brygge.


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