Swimming on Sunday Morning!

Indoor Swimming in Copenhagen[ACTIVITY] Fun things to do for kids in and around Copenhagen.

Sunday mornings can be spent lazily near the fire, reading the paper and drinking your coffee. But for some parents their little ones just need to get out and have some fun. Get a jump on your Sunday by taking them swimming at Kastrup Pool.  It is open from 8 am – 1pm.  The swimming pool closes at 12:30, to allow the extra 30 minutes  for hot showers and the relaxing sauna!

The pool provides giant inner tubes, rafts, tubes and kick boards for kids to frolic and climb on. Parents with little ones can splash in the 35 degree (c) warm pool perfect for non swimmers.  The showers have small portable baths for babies to soak while their parents rinse off. This pool is definitely family friendly, making it easy to go for a swim and get cleaned up.

When you enter you use your credit card to purchase tickets through a machine in the lobby. The guard on duty can assist you in English if need help.  They are very nice and helpful.   Locker rooms have an attendant who will keep your clothes safe while you swim. Children over 7 need to use the locker room for their own gender.

MiniCPH loves this spot!


Røllikevej 4 2770 Kastrup
Telefon: 32 51 51 35


Åbningstider alle bassiner:
Tirsdag 18.00-22.00
Torsdag 19.00-22.00
Lørdag 8.00-15.00
Søndag 8.00-13.00


Yderligere åbningstider for varmtvandsbassin:

Småbørnsfamilier: Onsdage kl. 9 – 12 og fredage kl. 14 – 17.

Pensionister og ældre: Mandage kl. 9 – 12 og torsdage kl. 9 – 12

Photo Credit: hastings water works

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