Traffic Playground in Fælledparken

/ Østerbro

Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 10,
2100 København Ø

Miniature road safety

  • Toilets nearby
  • Pram accessible
  • kiosk nearby
  • Picnic tables

Teach children of all age’s road safety in a secure traffic free environment. The main area of the playground is a miniature driving park with traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, road markings and signs. Children are encouraged to use this area as they would a real bike lane and respect the rules of the road. There are little areas to park and have a bite to eat with picnic tables. The second area is a traffic themed playground. You can pretend to fill up with fuel at the miniature pump or put your bike through a car wash. There is also a slide and climbing frame.

Sarah is the creator of Mini CPH. Mother of two mini explorers Sarah moved to Copenhagen from London several years ago with a very tall Danish husband. She created Mini CPH as a place to share information in English on activities for families in Copenhagen. In 2013 Sarah moved to the home of LEGO in Billund. She loves the challenge of working between London, Copenhagen and Billund as a content manager and social media consultant. You can follow her adventures at or on instagram @landofnordcom

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