3D Gift Wrapping for Kids Parties

Materials for creative gift wrapping idea

Hello Mini CPH readers! I’m Sarita Rajiv from The Orange Gift Bag and I’ve got a fun DIY project for you to do with your kids. When Lora graciously gave me the opportunity to do a guest post, I thought of creating something different from the normal gift wrapping ideas.

You know how most gift wrapping tends to be flat and one dimensional? I’m taking it two steps ahead to create a 3D gift wrap that kids will love. Kids get invited to birthday parties all year long and it’s always nice to have something new to try out, isn’t it? Plus it’s a good indoor project for the kids. So let’s get started.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A sheet of plain wrapping paper in a colour of your choice. I chose a vibrant turquoise sheet.
  • A small piece of black paper
  • Crayons in the shape of cars and animals. I got mine at a Tiger store (I love the stuff you get there!).
  • A thin paint brush and white paint
  • Sketch pens, scissors and some glue.

Let’s get zooming with something little boys will like. This one is fairly simple.

Start by wrapping your gift in the coloured sheet. It works best with things like toy boxes or books that have a flat, smooth surface. Next, take a strip of black paper and glue it on to one side of the gift. Take white paint in a brush (you can also use a white paint pen) and paint strokes like you see on a road.

How to make a 3D gift wrap for kids

Next take a car shaped crayon and glue it on the black road.

Creative 3D gift wrap for kids

Add in your personal message and your 3D gift wrap is ready. Yes, it’s that simple:-)

Get creative with your gift wrapping ideas

 The best part of this 3D gift wrap is that the cars can be reused by kids after they’ve unwrapped their gift.

Sarita Rajiv is a gifting specialist and founder of The Orange Gift Bag. She’s all for gifts chosen with care, infused with thought, and wrapped in warmth and affection. She is constantly trying out different gift wrapping styles and the one question she loves asking people is, “what’s the best gift you ever got?”


Lora is owner and editor of Mini CPH. Lora seeks out adventure and loves exploring new cities with her Danish Hubby and two curious boys. She opened a consulting firm after running the U.S. based International children's brand, Zookies for 14 years. She advises businesses on strategies for revenue growth, digital, startups and social media.

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