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My little boy will be 5 years old next month! I can’t believe how much he has grown from a little chubby bundle of smiles to an energetic, constantly on-the-go boy. We’ve passed so many milestones and I am so immensely proud of him. So much has changed so quickly that sometimes I find myself going in to his room at night just to watch him sleep. To try and grab a moment where he is still and I can really take in who he is now, before he changes again tomorrow. And always in his arms is his blanket. That constant comforter. It’s been there since day one and long after he has discarded it I know that I will treasure it. I am not sure who it comforts more these days him or me. So here’s a few beautiful blankets that the little ones will love and that you can keep around the house for years after.


I am in love with these Fabelab origami baby blankets. It’s not often you find a baby product which is multifunctional, elegant and fun. For baby it’s a comfy nest, and for kids it’s a play mat and toy. It’s a brilliantly designed product and a lovely keepsake for any mother. Available from Purløg&Persille





Little ones love peek-a-boo and the delight on their faces when you magically reappear has you playing it over and over again. These Little Red Stuga Bu! the blankie are great for play and cuddles. Made from soft cotton they can be used from birth as a comforter. The clever bit is the two circles cut out for your eyes to play peek-a-boo or dress up. Available from My Lille Limon





This fun bear skin rug style blanket is hand painted and available from Etsy. A lovely accessorie for a kids room.

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