Best Apps for Visiting Copenhagen

Royal Stables CopenhagenBest Apps for Visiting Copenhagen

There are so many reasons why people love to take their families to Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen. It’s a city full of activities and attractions that offers a bit extra to children, compared to other major cities. From the pools at national parks, to the treasure hunts at the Rosenborg Castle, you’ll never run out of fun things to do with the family in this Nordic wonderland.

Copenhagen is known to be one of the most family-friendly cities in the world. According to democratic tradition, children are catered to as much as adults, thus city planners are dedicated to creating opportunities for entertainment for both kids and adults.

Despite the city being so accessible to families, Denmark is still a foreign country with unfamiliar routes that may not be easy to follow for first-time visitors. Before traveling to Copenhagen, it’s highly recommended that you download several city-specific apps beforehand. As the operators of online slots portal SpinGenie recently documented in a blog post, “mobile internet is the strongest trend in the internet landscape,” and has completely restructured our lifestyles, making it easier for parents to take their kids around a foreign city without the pains of language barriers and ambiguous maps. Armed with various apps, families can now get the most from their city vacations by sourcing information directly from their smartphones or tablets.

Here are a few suggested apps:

Food Lovers Copenhagen
Children are known to be the pickiest eaters, and if this is your first time visiting the city, your kids might not be all that thrilled to only eat Nordic cuisine. To make your restaurant search a little easier, local foodie Ani Movsisyan has chosen the best eateries that will take you on a gastronomical journey around the world. These include restaurants and markets, as well as recommendations on where to go for different meals. This app is a must-have for iOS users.

dot mobilbilletterDOT Mobilbilletter
If you and your family are planning to do a lot of sightseeing, you’ll need to utilize the city’s public transportation and not just take cabs. The public transport system is actually pretty easy to follow with DOT Mobilbilletter, available on both Android and iOS devices. Choose your destination by typing it or locating it on the map, and then pay for your tickets using your credit card. Just remember to change it to the English version by clicking “Indstillinger” and selecting English under “Sprog.”

Copenhagen Map and Walks
Fancy a stroll around the city? Copenhagen Map and Walks will guide you through famous landmarks, various neighborhoods, and even shopping districts. The app provides a little something for everyone, even your kids.

We hope you have a nice visit. Drop us a line when your in town and to see what’s happening that week.  We can share our weekly newsletter with you.  You can also look in our city guide to find play grounds and other kid friendly places.

Lora is owner and editor of Mini CPH. Lora seeks out adventure and loves exploring new cities with her Danish Hubby and two curious boys. She opened a consulting firm after running the U.S. based International children's brand, Zookies for 14 years. She advises businesses on strategies for revenue growth, digital, startups and social media.

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