A Fun Day in Copenhagen

Illums window

Illums Holiday Window

A must see this holiday season is a visit with the children to Illums.  A tradition that has been running for many years, Illums creates a magical scene in each window with animated puppets celebrating holiday cheer. Our favorites this year are the little chickens having a festive feast and the gold crown wearing polar bear with two silly puppets trying not to fall off their ride. Kids imaginations will take them to wonderful places as they watch these enchanted scenes. Start a tradition this year and children will cherish this holiday destination in Copenhagen.

And since you are in the area, just a few steps away, why not stop by the Christmas market for a glass of hot mulled cider and let the kiddies ride Santa’s roller coaster. Located near the Stork fountain at Højbro Plads in København K.  Shopping, sipping and plenty of tradition to explore and discover. Open daily thru Christmas.

If it gets too cold, step inside the Post & Tele Museum, which is ALWAYS free and open 10 – 16 everyday of the week.  They also have nice bathrooms and lockers to stash your heavy shopping bags. There is an exhibit for older kids open now. Kids can travel inside of a cell phone and there is a hands on activity to learn about how the technology works.  And of course little ones can enjoy a slide, climbing into an old boat or pretend playing a post man delivering mail.  On weekends, kids can design their own stamp and have it printed! Super cute souvenir to remember your fun day in the city!

And if you are looking for a little bit of history, it is also just a few steps away. Go visit the oldest tea shop in Europe A.C. Perch and pick up a ounce or two.  It has been located at Kronprinsensgade 5 since 1835! The line during Christmas can be around the block and run over an hour wait! Stop by now and wait only a few minutes, well whatever the wait, it is worth it!

A.C. Perch exterior

A.C. Perch

Hope you have a fun day!



Sarah is the creator of Mini CPH. Mother of two mini explorers Sarah moved to Copenhagen from London several years ago with a very tall Danish husband. She created Mini CPH as a place to share information in English on activities for families in Copenhagen. In 2013 Sarah moved to the home of LEGO in Billund. She loves the challenge of working between London, Copenhagen and Billund as a content manager and social media consultant. You can follow her adventures at www.landofnord.com or on instagram @landofnordcom

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