Do It For Denmark – Vacation Baby Competition

Photo from you tube video on percent of danes who have sex on vacation.
Today marks the first official post for a new weekly column called, “Only in Denmark.” This column will share the unique, off-beat and often different ways things are done in Denmark compared to the rest of the world.  In Denmark people are happy and honest, it shows in the way they act, interact and take life by the horns. As an American in this new culture, I constantly see things that would never fly in the litigious society back home.  I also see things done and accepted with such ease here that it makes America look so stiff and old fashion.

In honor of summer holidays which are just around the corner, this week we are featuring an ad campaign by a local danish travel company, Spies Rejser, that promotes sex on vacation and if you can prove that you have conceived during your vacation you’ll receive FREE BABY stuff for THREE YEARS!  The ads are hilarious and the message is fantastic. It gives Nike’s “Just do it,” campaign a whole new slant. It would never go over in the US because sex and “doing it” is something that isn’t talked about in polite circles.  This “Do It For Denmark,” campaign is over the top brilliant.  Check it out! Way to go Denmark! Get out there and make more babies this summer!

Lora is owner and editor of Mini CPH. Lora seeks out adventure and loves exploring new cities with her Danish Hubby and two curious boys. She opened a consulting firm after running the U.S. based International children's brand, Zookies for 14 years. She advises businesses on strategies for revenue growth, digital, startups and social media.

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