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Filiorum_Vinterforestillinger_2015_schedule_theatre_children_copenhagenFILIORUM presents … Winter Performances 9 to 13 February 2014 at the Culture Schools Duntzfelts Allé 8, Hellerup Pop-up theater venue FILIORUM presents theater for the smallest, yet can not strap on your skis on your feet and ironing down the slopes, but instead can have marvelous experiences in theater darkness during the winter holidays. In a frost-universe with icicles and snow offers FILIORUM within the theater for the 1 ½ – 5 year olds with lots of poetry and magic that can get hot in the cheeks and a smile on your face. After each performance theater experience can be extended in the artistic laboratory where large and small hands together can create a small self-made work of art inspired by the performance’s universe. The artistic laboratories are developed specifically for each production’s specific age category of professional art teachers. FILIORUM has selected two heartwarming and imaginative performances, specifically targeted to the smallest audience and their parents who will spend the winter holidays together in the theater darkness. Both performances play in embracing and intimate theater tents that create a special space for the present performing arts experience.

The two notions are: “Songs” by Theatre Reflection and Theatre MY (age: 2-4 years): Small musical and visually rich stories about being a small man in a singular world. A round, white tent embraces the audience at ease and gentle manner, and in a bright universe of stars told Songs with the joy of recognition and remembrance amazement. A beautiful performance for the youngest and with Reumert winner Mette Rosleff. The show lasts 30 minutes. followed by artistic laboratory in approximately 30 min. In the artistic laboratory we open the mysterious stars and look what they hide inside. The imagination is unleashed and marvelous things being created.  

“The Hungry Caterpillar, Aldrigmæt” of theater st. TV and Nørregårds Theatre (age: 1,5 – 5 years): Monday morning morning sun, mmm yum … breakfast. Perhaps jam? An apple! Inspired by Eric Carles modern children’s classic. A wonderful story in enchanting colors with poetic depth and heartwarming presence, where the audience will have a very special intimate theater experience in a small tent with room for just 40 people. The show lasts 30 minutes. followed by artistic laboratory in approximately 30 min. In the artistic laboratory released colorful candelabra larvae free in the tall green grass – where do they go and what they transform into?

About FILIORUM: FILIORUM presents the touring professional children’s theaters in an extended and subtle context where performances go hand in hand with total experience. Here universes built up around the individual performances with related activities and ingenious contrivance, as the artistic laboratory where theater experience is the basis for a self-made creative expression tailored to the play and its age, which then leads to an adaptation of the events on stage. FILIORUM that are started by Clarissa Meister-Petersen, presents professional theater for children and young people aged between zero and 16 years, and it is the ambition of FILIORUM to the performing arts more frequent in children’s everyday life, even from a very early age. FILIORUM works not only for the children to get to the theater several times a year with both parents and grandparents, but also that schools use more of the art form as part of learning via Filiorums program “Arts at School form”.

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Here is a list of shows for different ages and times and a place to get tickets.

Generel info: Datoer: Mandag den 9.2: Himmelsange af Teater Refleksion og Teater My (2-4 år) (9.30 og 10.45) Tirsdag den 10.2: Den Sultne Larve, Aldrigmæt af Teatret og Nørregårds Teater (1 1/2 til 5 år) (9.30 og 10.45) Onsdag den 11.2: Himmelsange af Teater Refleksion og Teater My (2-4 år) (9.30 og 10.45) Fredag den 13.2: Den Sultne Larve, Aldrigmæt af Teatret st.t.v og Nørregårds Teater 8 1 1/2 til 5 år) (9.30 og 10.45) Priser: 55 for børn, 125 for voksne, billetter via:

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