/ Gentofte

Garderhøjfort 4,
2820 Gentofte

Exhibition by Experimentarium

  • Pram accessible
  • Toilets
  • Hands on Activities
  • Mini Snack Bar & Coffee

Garderhojfort is a historical place to visit. This fort was built for in 17th century as part of the fortification of Copenhagen commissioned by Christian IV. These new modern at the time forts were built on the medieval period circular ring around the city but the land was extended and they faced the sea. The exhibitions inside have been designed by Experimentarium so they are kid friendly, educational and fun too. You can tour the original 360 degree cannon tower and see how targets where pinpointed for accuracy. This fort was never under attack and later became obsolete once airplanes were invented.
Kids can swing in the indoor gym, learn how to write secret messages in morse code and climb on the grassy roof of the fort. Tours are given in Danish and English upon request. This fort is part of the fortification ring that surrounds Copenhagen still today. Most of the forts have been turned into parks or used other purposes such as City Hall and Various Museums. The forts themselves were used until the second half of the 19th century, when they were decommissioned.

Sarah is the creator of Mini CPH. Mother of two mini explorers Sarah moved to Copenhagen from London several years ago with a very tall Danish husband. She created Mini CPH as a place to share information in English on activities for families in Copenhagen. In 2013 Sarah moved to the home of LEGO in Billund. She loves the challenge of working between London, Copenhagen and Billund as a content manager and social media consultant. You can follow her adventures at or on instagram @landofnordcom

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