Gilleleje – Cozy Seaside Town in Denmark

/ Gilleleje

Havnen 5,
3250 Gilleleje

Seaside Fishing Town

  • Cafes & Shops
  • Pram accessible
  • Access by car
  • Vacation rentals

Gijelle is a cozy seaside town north of Copenhagen. Known for its spectacular beach front summer house’s and fresh fish, it’s the perfect place to head for a weekend get-away with the kids. It is close enough to Denmark to go for the day too if your not up for spending the night. The weekend market is a delight to shop for hand sewn gifts, fresh bread and also antique treasures. The shopping is quite good too with home decor, women’s clothing and kids shops with exquisite style and taste. There are many cafes on the main walking street and plenty of creamy ice cream shops to treat mini’s.

Stop by the local smoke house for the perfect brunch item or eat on the family style picnic tables next to the harbor. A tall glass of beer goes well with the sunshine. Kids love to run down to the beach and play on the giant steel anchor in the grassy area near the harbor. There is plenty to see and do for a weekend of relaxation.

Special Events: During the holidays, this is also the location for the local horse club to ride around the city circling until Juleman (Santa Claus) arrives via boat from Greenland where his toy shop is. The town is at the northernmost point of Sjælland in Denmark which is the closet point to Greenland and thus why Juleman docks here just before Christmas.
History: The earliest confirmed inhabitant of this town is from the 16th century. It has been a thriving fishing village since the 1500’s until Germany Occupied Denmark. The town, like most of Denmark, was against the oppression.

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