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Lovemade is a brand of frozen Danish baby food which is 100% organic and 100% additive free.  It’s been on the market now for a couple of years and is revolutionizing the way pre-made baby food is seen in Denmark. We spoke to Silvia Woolf the creator of Lovemade and asked her to tell us about her product, tips on where to get good food in Copenhagen and share with us one of her recipes.

What made you decide to produce a line of baby food?
When I became a mom, I experienced how difficult it can be to manage a busy life and motherhood at the same time. I wanted to give my baby the very best and keep focus on health and nutrition – also when I was busy. Being able to give my baby a fast but yet healthy meal and still have a clear conscience was my goal. I wanted to make baby food as if it was home cooked – no compromises – but made with love and respect for babies and their growth. That’s why lovemade was born.

How did you go about it?
I didn’t have any experience with food development myself, so I contacted a team of two Danish chefs that are known for their quality consciousness and they developed the recipes in hand with my input as a mom. Furthermore, I contacted National Centre for Food and Health (VIFFOS) and they (Gitte Gross) helped me with rules and regulations on the baby food area – making sure the food had the right nutritional composition for babies.

What process is used to prepare lovemade, what makes it so healthy?
There are no secrets to lovemade – it’s made from 100 % pure and ecological ingredients and the only things added are butter or oil gently adapted to make sure it has the right fat content for a baby stomach. We use the same ingredients, as you would do at home!

Do you have any plans to extend your product range?
I want to produce convenience baby food with focus on quality and good taste and I will probably take this even further than the 6 current variations of lovemade. That is, if we survive this first hurdle which is the acceptance of the supermarkets. So the question is when and what – I can’t be specific about it yet, other to say, that it will be excellent.

Why do you think there is such a limited range of baby food in Denmark and do you think this is beginning to change?
I really hope it will change and of course lovemade will be ready to embrace this change. I don’t know why the selection is so limited – all I know is that my idea was to change the attitude and I really hope people will agree with me and demand quality food for their babies.

Where can we buy lovemade?
You can buy lovemade in the following supermarkets:
SuperBrugsen, Irma, Kvickly, Føtex and Mad&Vin I Magasin. You can also now get it online from

Do you have any hints and tips for places to buy fresh organic food in Copenhagen or good places to eat with kids?
There are lots of good cafés and restaurants where you can eat with kids and these are some of my favourites:
Toldboden (Restaurant Julian)
Bistrot Bobo, København Ø

Good organic shopping are found in different kind of Healthstores all over Copenhagen but just to mention a few:
Helsehuset, Gl Kongevej, Frederiksberg
Urtehuset, København Ø
Solhatten, København V

You can also order online at

Peas and parsnips
1. Cut parsnips into slices and put them in a saucepan with water
2. Boil them until they are tender, add the peas and let it boil again
3. Add rapeseed oil and blend it into a fine paste and it’s ready for serving


Ingredient Danish

Ingredient English

150 g Skrællede pastinakker Peeled parsnip
150 g Fine ærter Fine peas
4 dl Vand Water
10 g Koldpresset rapsolie Cold pressed rapeseed oil

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