What to do with Kids in Copenhagen

museums_kids_copenhagenHere are links to kid friendly places in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is full of cultural rich places to visit with your children. Each day, Copenhagen opens its doors to offer a new adventure. You might discover a new museum with climbable art, or visit a royal palace and see the soldiers playing soccer. You might go to a park with bronze statues made 100’s of years ago and see clowns practicing juggling or go swimming in the harbor and see a ship with people swing dancing on the deck. Copenhagen is full of surprises at every turn and even if you have visited a place before, there is a world of new experiences to discover through your child’s eyes.  The most amazing moments happen between the mundane, so go explore some of the regular places in town and see more.

If you live in Copenhagen and have children then you might already know about these places and just want a quick link to access their calendars. So here are the links.

Copenhagen Zoo daily schedule of events Fantastic views from a kids eye level.
Louisiana Museum – Always amazing art, views and art projects for kids. There is a long slide through the ivy and step stones through a forest near the lake and a huge hill to roll down near the sea, so don’t just stay inside!
Experimentarium City The home page tells the schedule for the day, but only in danish version. Extra tip, go next door to the food truck warehouse, there many boutique restaurant ventors who offer delicious food and the atmosphere is casual, so kids can be playful too.
Google translate – I am sure this is a good friend to you as it is to us.

Tivoli – Our cities treasured amusement park
Tycho Brahe Planetarium – they offer a ton of free movies if you dont want to splurge for the IMAX, but if you can afford it…they are really amazing.  Take a walk around the lake outside if the weather is nice, it makes the day better.
Den Bla Planet – Denmarks Aquarium sits on the water and is architecturally beautiful.
Statens Museum for Kunst (10:30 – 4:30 kids events on weekends click to check calendar)

MiniMaxx – movies for kids everyday at 10 am

AmagerStrand – Activities at the beach

National Museum – Amazing collection and 8 times a year they have after hours events for the public. A must.

Kvarterhuset – Music and theatre

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek – Egyptian and Ancient Art

M/S Museet for Søfart 

Here are some links to places in Denmark that families might visit: 


The Viking Ship Museum

Sagnlandet – Land of Legends – Live, work and eat like a caveman! At the Land of Legends (Sealand, 30 min from Copenhagen), families can volunteer to spend their holidays living in reconstructed Iron Age settlements. Link to open hours and fees, different seasons have different hours – so please check before driving up. Calendar of events

The Historic Sand Dunes – Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse is engulfed in huge drifting dunes with open views to sea, the blueberry scrublands and the woodlands.

Fårup Sommerland (North Jutland) has been hailed as the world’s third-best ‘Children’s Park’ by the leading US industry magazine “Amusement Today”

ARoS in Aarhus – Denmarks most visited museum – cool rainbow exhibit on the roof

We are adding new links all the time.  Let us know if you have any suggestions. Happy exploring!



Lora is owner and editor of Mini CPH. Lora seeks out adventure and loves exploring new cities with her Danish Hubby and two curious boys. She opened a consulting firm after running the U.S. based International children's brand, Zookies for 14 years. She advises businesses on strategies for revenue growth, digital, startups and social media.

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